I hope you understand

It sucks when you know someone means well by reaching out to you, but they’re a trigger. They remind you of a time when you felt so small and damaged. They bring up the feelings of hopelessness and loss. You wanna block them because their random “hope you’re okay” messages turn a good day into a questionable one. Yes, I’m okay. And honestly I’ll be better if we just stopped all communication. I love you and wish you well on your journey. I’m just never gonna be a part of that again. 

I hope you understand. 

decorate myself

i look at my reflection
my hands start to work 
first my base 
then my cheeks 
a rose tint 
that i sometimes carry on 
to my delicate lips
brightness flows back into my eyes
green follows my lower lash line 
now my ears
my ancestors wore heavy gold
our lobes stretch but i don’t mind
i wear suns on the sides of my head
spreading warmth with every step
i feel like the most me 
when i’m decorated
when i’m appreciated 
by my own self
the art i put on my body
are the gifts i’ve offered
to the gods
that live inside of me
i carry legacy