you're you

did you know 
that you’re really beautiful? 
your smile lights up my day 
high vibrations are released from your energy   
green sits on top of your chest 
a rainbow stretches from ear to ear 
love looks just like you 
dainty hands and wrists
curves that never end 
that i wouldn’t ever want to end 
spirals on your head stick out
the ones you tried so hard to keep straight,
but look at how wild they are
and look at how you embrace them 
along with the brown in your skin
and your eyes 
they’re so dark i can’t see your irises 
let me dive in so i can find them 
let me drown in this ocean you call you
your waters deeper than space
currents change like the seasons 
finding stars while exploring your universe 
you’re made from everything 
inspired by the most divine 
By the loved ones who’d never leave your side
By the gods who love you more every day 
you’re you 

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