i never bought a stamp


Hey -------!

I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to write back, but my best guess is that I hate writing complete sentences and don’t have a cool typewriter like vos. I hope everything in Florida is okay and that you’re not around all the crazy shit that always pops up on twitter about the sunshine state. Like alligators being thrown into drive-thru windows and people having sex with their cousins. :)

Your name reminds me of a best friend I used to have in high school. We grew a part, but he always had my back and whenever I think of him it brings back good memories. He was there when I had my first heartbreak. Told me I deserved someone who treats me with respect and who'll see how special I am. He said all these sweet things while I was crying into my school hoodie on the corner seat at the back of the Q76 bus. Packed with obnoxious high schoolers, no one bothered to look at me. I’ve been crying on transportation since I was like 17. I remember blasting sad ass songs trying to understand why he needed someone else if I was enough? Sad times ju know. He's a pothead now and keeps sliding in my DM's talking about how he messed up. It's been 6 years bro, leave me alone. But you know besides all that my old best friend is out here living his best life so that’s cool. Him and his girlfriend are so cute and I wish them the best. A healthy kind of love we all wish for. It kinda just sucks how we outgrow people or they outgrow us. It sucks especially when you thought your friendship would last forever and y’all were gonna grow old together. I understand things happen for a reason and we shouldn’t dwell on the past, but for the past few months everything has just been hitting me harder than usual. One of my old best friends from high school had a baby and I haven’t even seen her yet. She’s precious. Literally one of the most perfect little beings I’ve ever seen. Wish I could tell her that in person but it probably won’t happen. We slowly stopped talking to each other when she went away for college. 

Honestly, it might not even be the people that I miss. Its more so the image/idea that I’ve built up of them in my head. You told me you were also going through some similar shit. I kinda appreciate the rawness coming from a stranger, which you’ve become less of ever since we started following each other. You seem like a really cool guy. 

I still think of your haiku. Your art connects. 

Hope to hear from you again, 

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