Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 2/19

a brand new canvas
new paints, new brushes
nice and clean and bright
walking onto dirt 
my vans never touched
breathing in air 
full of heavy fumes
reminds me of home
new voices, new noise
fall in love with another sky 
the same stars
different set of eyes and ears
hi foreign land
split open 
and swallow me whole 
clear my head
new soil, new growth
a flower blooms 
a second time 
let's paint my seeds

glass ceiling

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 2/20/19
i feel stuck 
my head hits the glass ceiling 
knuckles hurt from gripping too tight 
lungs are running out of space 
where do i go
when the water reaches the top
and there’s no more air?
drowning in my deep thoughts 
we always drown in our thoughts 
how do we climb out
of our own fucking head? 
how can we take a break
from the chaos within
the mess that we made ourselves
yea, i built that glass ceiling 
i know i did
that was all me
creating boundaries out of fear 
of touching true happiness 
that i don’t feel worthy of receiving 

live without purpose

San Juan, Puerto Rico 1/19

it’s hard to find something 
to believe in 
i’ve had difficulty 
staying with one thing,
sticking to one thought, 
one way of living
my mind is always resetting 
feeling as though 
what i chose to believe in before 
was just a waste of fleeting time 
i don’t know what to do 
it sucks to feel like you have no purpose 
nothing to die for,
nothing to love more than the universe itself