i never wanted to care for someone
so badly ever in my 23 years of life 
loving you until you were satisfied 
making sure you ate 
telling you to sleep when you forgot 
you were still human
i slept better 
knowing your belly was full,
knowing you’ve slept your 8 hours,
knowing that i gave you every piece of me
for some reason every womanly trait 
that i’ve seen in my mother, 
but constantly ignored in myself 
was brought to the surface
when i started to love you 
never before has this happened to me 
never before has a lover made me so 


i'm everything

words flow out of me
like water through a faucet
my voice soothes you to sleep
wake up now,
look at me in awe
you can see the universe in my heart
feel the synchronicity 
with your palm
listen to the chaos
as you lay your head on my chest  
i’m your world 

no more words for you

our time has ended and i’m out of words
i’m out of run-on sentences
i’m out hate and longing
i’m out of hope 
for this burnt out love to blossom 
i’m out of daydreaming and wondering 
what i did to deserve someone so closed
i don’t really feel like writing about you 
for the first time 
in what seems like a long time 
i don’t really feel like writing about love either 
don’t take it as a bad thing 
maybe the universe wants me to take a break
use my heart for other things 
show love in unique ways 
ways i never thought of before