my roles

i sit in front of the mirror
then start telling myself 
all the roles i take on in life
the list is endless
for every day 
a new part of me is revealed
one day i was a dancer
another day a sister
yesterday i was a friend
today i’m a poet
this is growth
when there’s so much to you
you just call yourself love 
love, love, love, love, love

carrying a woman's pain

it’s hard
to feel the pain
that all women carry
sometimes it’s easier 
to stay ignorant and silent
but tears fall endlessly
they fill our oceans
flooding the areas
they originally came from
not knowing what to throw away
what to keep 
hold our womb for a second
so we can weep
being ignored and oppressed 
because of whats between our thighs
we’re more than human
and men know that
it's common knowledge
it's fear


these thoughts enter my mind
i can’t help it 
can’t choose a specific path
new faces, different phases
everyone asks the same question
“what do you want?”
that’s an answer i’ll never have
with my thinking ever-changing
my thought process failing on me
never been able to rely
on myself or anyone else
what is it that i want? 

sing the blues

on a sunny wednesday afternoon 
you used to sit at your desk
and play tunes i was never interested in 
but watching your body change to the beat
fingers snapping, teeth showing, feet moving 
i felt the rhythm in you
from that day forward 
i never questioned your rhythm 
you were born to sing the blues 


i enjoy being alone
with nothing
but my own breathing
breaking the silence
I can hear my own thoughts
there’s no show to put on
lines to rehearse
a crowd to please
i’m in my own world
my only task
is to be myself 


you pop up
unannounced and unbothered 
did you forget? 
what you gave me?
endless nights of tears
they flooded my room 
left me drowning 
in thoughts of unworthiness 
i gasped for air 
watching from above 
unannounced and unbothered 
you left 


you remind me of someone
the way you sound,
your scruffy face,
and your mannerisms
speaking as if
worries don’t worry you
we’ve never met
complete strangers
except I know you exist
and you remind me of someone 

don't stay lost

i lost my favorite artist
i lost love for a boy
i lost my mind for a boy
i lost trust in others
i lost confidence in myself
i lost my path
i lost my sense of direction
i lost motivation
i lost hope 
i almost lost myself,
but i didn’t 
and all things lost 
can eventually be found 
it'll be okay

you're still here

it’s been a long time
yet you’re still here
not physically or even emotionally 
but you’re alive in my thoughts
memories haven’t disappeared 
you've morphed into something
that was never real
fantasies play out in my head
hoping that I wouldn’t have to 
keep living off of thoughts of you
but feel the warmth of your body
your actual being