let me go

loosen your grip
or I’ll tear your hands off
stop clinging
or I’ll let go 
don’t tell me what to do
or I’ll do the opposite
para de controlarme
tu no me paristes
i’m not yours
no soy tuya

let's dance

the song is slow
it cries for everyone 
letting the sadness flow
your body twists in sorrow 
feel the pain
spread it 
pretend like your heart is broken 
just for a couple of minutes
forget the fact 
that it actually is

too giving

every time 
you come into my life
i feel a little bit more empty
it's not your fault
for some reason
my first instinct 
is to give you more
than i can afford 


En el nombre
Del padre, 
del hijo, 
y del Espíritu Santo 
Que Diosito te cuide 
She said to me
Her thumb gliding 
across my forehead
While I pretend to look down
peeping up during this ritual 
She never failed on doing
Whenever I set foot outside my house
It was a piece of light she gave to me
A peace of mind she gave to herself
Que diosito te cuide 
May god take care of you