I looked over
your eyes were covered 
with purple and blue lights 
Staring at me with wonder
as if I was the best thing
that has ever stepped on this earth
and into your sight  
You kept telling me my mind 
was what you wanted the most
to crack it open 
and let everything spill out
Fears, opinions, dreams 
It all confused you 
Your eyes grew bigger 
You wanted to know,
but I won’t ever let you

Do you wanna?

Free my brain 
from the thoughts 
that keep me 
crying at night
Free my spirit
from the dark hands
that love tying me down
Free my heart 
from those who 
decide that my love 
is their property
Free myself
from the substances
that numb the pain,
but don’t teach me 
how to heal it
“Do you wanna, 
do you wanna 


The first time the needle hit my skin 
Ink penetrating the layers of me
I second guessed my decision 
Thinking I might feel regret 
My body once a blank canvas 
Now covered with art
A symbol for sisterhood 
Triangle for balance and progression 
An airplane for the places I’ve seen
For the places I dream of exploring 
A sunflower for myself
And a blooming spiritual woman 
Who I will become with time and work
I’ll die with art on me 
Inscribed forever 
Til’ I turn into dust