I told you
You were my karma
The slap in the face 
I deserved for 
The trail of broken hearts 
I’ve created with my selfishness 
You told me your intentions 
Were to never hurt me
Yet here I am 
Crying into my pillow
Thinking about the promises
You’ve never kept 
I’m doing what my past lovers 
Texted me that they did 
Acting out for your attention 
Following every move 
I criticized them for 
You were my karma 
The person who had to 
Show me pain 
So I can stop spreading it 


I wanna feel your weight 
Crushing me 
Gasping for air 
After every long kiss 
Hands moving restlessly 
Not knowing where we belong 
If we belong to each other 
What's gonna happen after 
Not after us
But after everything 
We prepared for
There's a place for us 
Out there 

It's just not here