I Was Taught...

Why am I so different than you 
Why do you point out everything unique about me 
My large bottom and my thick legs displease you 
My fuller lips and my small height offends you 
I was taught that you are better than me
 So I look at my features and compare them to darkness
While yours to light
My native tongue confuses you  
My accent makes you question my credibility 
Because I pronounce things differently doesn't mean I can't think
You make fun of the way I talk but aren't we all Americans? 
Why am I less than you if I was born here
Just like you 
Why am I different if we are both human 
Do we not bleed when we're cut?
Do you not die too?
Or are you immortal?
Why is your life more important than mine?
Tell me this and I'll accept your answer 
Because I was taught that you're always right 

Blue Light

Every second, every second I feel a vibration
A thrill swells up in my chest exhilarating my mind
A blue light shines on my face stimulating my pupils
And there I am staring at the soul of others on a screen
I see the past, the present, the future
Someone's picture of them as a child
Someone's Saturday blowing off steam with friends and a cold brew
A tingle runs through my veins as the sensation of being alone rushes into my body
Like a sudden wave of sadness crashing into my soft flesh
Why don't I have a bunch of friends?
Why isn't my night a whirl of memories I will laugh about the next day
But is it real?
Are these people really enjoying themselves?
Are they putting on a fake smile as a mask to hide the depression that they're sinking in?
It doesn't matter
Because the blue light still shines on my face
Because I still waste time scrolling down my feed
Because I still compare myself to others and their display of happiness
It doesn't matter if it's fake
I still crave it
I still want it
I still wake up every morning to peer into something that isn't really there
The blue light still shines on my face
And it blinds me from reality